Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Chapter Three - The New Place

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Small Version

Well finally a comic with a punchline. ;)

So anyway this comic is the start of a new era for Sh!t Happens, creatively anyway, including a new standard layout format for the strips instead of the all over the place look it previously had. Also I've switched to using the 110gsm paper for the strips as well as the "artwork" and took my time drawing, about 3 hours on this one, which I think has improved the quality of the images.
As usual there are some anatomy & proportion problems but not as many as normal which is surprising considering the new use of 3/4 perspective.
Some might say I've matured as an artist but most will just be surprised I've actually stuck with the comic this long.

Heads up, I might be increasing the number of comics a week to three soon but it will be sort of an if I have the time thing otherwise there'll still be the regular Friday comic.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Character Info - Devil

Age: ???
Occupation: Landlord's Cat / Evil Incarnate
A sweet looking but completely psycho cat that likes to attack the residents of the building. Often tries to eat T.S., leading to it being Max's number two test subject behind Rick.
Likes eating rodents.

Character Info - Vanessa Black

Vanessa Black
Age: 20
Occupation: Barmaid at Sekiria Underground
Despite being referred to as the "scary goth chick" she is actually a very likable, friendly girl. A bit knife-happy but a valuable ally in dangerous situations.
Likes dolls and sharp things.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Character Info - Kim

Age: 21
Occupation: Boobies Waitress / Promotional Model
A lovable bimbo who has aspirations of being a celebrity. She is very popular with the guys and is a constant source of competition between Ben and Rick.
Likes gossip and fashion.

Character Info - T.S.

T.S. (short for Test Subject)
Age: ????
Occupation: Escaped Lab Animal / Cute Sidekick
Arrives in a package from an undisclosed friend. Initially supposed to be a lab animal but becomes Max's pet/sidekick after Sammi says that it's cute
Likes pizza and cola.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Chapter Three - The New Place

Large Version

Small Version

You may have noticed a slight difference in quality between the comic artwork and the other character artwork I've posted recently. At first I thought it was just the fact that I took more time with the character art and usually I rush the comics through in a couple of hours, but today I realised that the difference is partly due to the quality of paper used. For the comics I use a big cheap sketchbook with squeaky smooth paper while for the character artwork I've been using your standard 110 gsm Visual Diary which is more textured and allows for greater variance in pencil pressure so I don't need to be as careful about gouge marks.

Character Info - Sammi Churchill

Sammi Churchill
Age: 18
Occupation: Highschool Student
A sweet and fun loving girl who is repeating year 12 at Brisbane City Girls' Highschool.
Likes comics.

Character Info - Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb
Age: 23
Occupation: Comic Store Manager/Owner
A tough and strong-willed young lady who acts as the voice of common sense among the group.
Likes drinking and punk music.

Character Artwork Previews

The following pics are work-in-progress previews of new artwork for the character profiles:

More added 25-04-08

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Work In Progress - Artwork

This little piece was started at work last night in between customers, because I was bored sh!tless but it turned out pretty well so I'm gonna keep working on it and maybe someday it will be the first official Sh!t Happens poster [$19.95 plus $500,000 p&h].

Max, Sammi, Roy, Lisa

This image is mostly unedited, I did crop it and clean up some really bad sketchlines. I'm trying to figure out how to fit the other characters into the picture, maybe I'll have to trace and redraw onto larger paper.

As usual there are some anatomy & proportion problems here but that's how bad an artist I am.

PLEASE leave comments, I like the criticism.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Chapter Three - The New Place

Large Version

Small Version

Okay this weeks comic has no real punchline, it's meant soley to establish the upcoming storylines. Next time hopefully there'll be a joke to the comic.

Also sometime soon I'll be updating the character profiles to include the new characters.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Chapter Three - The New Place

Large Version

Small Version

This week's comic is a bit rough due to simple procrastination.

Fuck it I can't draw. Just deal with it.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Character Artwork Preview

The following pics are work-in-progress previews of new artwork for the character profiles:

Chapter Two - The Night It All Began - Watercolour Chapter Finale

Large Version

Small Version

Well here we are at the end of Chapter 2 and the guys are out on the street thanks to the resident dumbass Rick.

Starting next week with Chapter 3 the comic will be updating every Friday instead of Thursday.