Thursday, 24 January 2008

Chapter One - Not Yet a Story

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Small Version

Okay so here's the first comic (of the first chapter) of Sh!t Happens.
There's no real point or story at the moment, just a little bit of "humour".

Hopefully I'll be posting at least one comic a week, every Thursday.

Character Info - Rick Green

Rick Green
Age: 20
Occupation: Uni-Student
The young and naive newcomer. Roy made the mistake of taking him under his wing and now they're stuck with him. He is often the butt of the others' jokes and an unwilling test subject for Max's inventions.
A suspected virgin.

Character Info - Ben Donelly

Ben Donelly
Age: 24
Occupation: Factory Worker
He is a dedicated pervert with a big mouth and a wide-sense of humour. He also has a massive competitive streak that can lead him into trouble.

Character Info - Max

Max (last-name unknown)
Age: 25
Occupation: Inventor / Freelancer (classified)
The quick-witted "unique" individual. He is an inventor and freelancer of varying undisclosed work which leads even his closest friends to wonder what exactly he does (speculation includes spy and assassin).
He is a bit of a fan-boy and easily distracted by a pretty girl.

Character Info - Roy Zepherton

Roy Zepherton
Age: 25
Occupation: Office Worker
The unofficial leader of the group. Despite (or perhaps because of) being the most normal of the group he is impulsive and often leads the rest on wacky adventures.
Loves to drink and play cards.